Barrels Unlimited is a family owned business, serving the wine and spirits industry for over 40 years.

As an all-service barrel company, we take great pride in our continued efforts to reduce waste and recycle used materials. From the company’s practice of buying back used barrels and reusing them, to the oak scraps used for the fires that toast the barrels, zero-waste practices are evident throughout Barrels Unlimited. We even collect our sawdust and sell it off for other uses.

Everything comes full circle.  


Green Company Since 1975Barrels Unlimited is proud to offer the following products across a variety of industries:

  • NEW oak barrels in various sizes for use in the production of wine, beer and distilled products. Our new oak barrels come in 5-10-15-20-30-59 gallon sizes.
  • Once-used whiskey barrels ready for refill. We ship these barrels to distillers worldwide for the making of their spirits.
  • Shaving and charring service for used wine barrels to be reused by distillers and brewers worldwide.
  • Cut half barrel planters, or whole barrels for rain collection and other landscaping uses.
  • We not only provide the Spirits and Landscaping industries with our barrels, but individuals use our barrels for furniture, taiko drums, and props for movies, theme parks and decoration for restaurants.