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  • Used Barrels

    Used Barrels (1)

    Barrels Unlimited provides used wine & spirit barrels to distillers and brewers worldwide for aging their product. We offer once used bourbon barrels, used brandy barrels, Canadian whiskey, and used wine barrels and a wide variety of other used barrels. We also provide used wine barrels that have been shaved and charred for the spirit industry. Call for availability and pricing *Volume Discount for Truckload quantity
  • Spigots

    Spigots (4)

    These 4 and 6 inch spigots are made for the 5 to 30 gallon oak barrels manufactured by Barrels Unlimited.
  • Oak Stands

    Oak Stands (5)

    With sizes available from 5-gallon to 30 gallon, these stands add beauty in the presentation of your oak barrel.
  • Oak Blocks

    Oak Blocks (1)

    Our oak chips and blocks come from staves used in the aging of wine and brandy. They can be used to add flavor to your smoked foods.
  • New Barrels

    New Barrels (10)

    Barrels Unlimited makes new oak barrels ranging in size from 5-59 gallons. These New American and Bordeaux-Style Wine Barrels are made of solid, air-dried American oak. The smaller barrels up to 30 gallons are medium toasted for wine and #3 char for spirits, and barrels over 30 gallons are toasted and charred to the client's specifications. During peak season please allow 7-10 days for new barrels to ship. Call for exact shipping schedule.  
  • Innerstaves

    Innerstaves (1)

    Innerstaves are used staves that been used in the aging of wine. They can be used to provide oak flavor for smoking. They can also be used in furniture and wood working projects. These staves are generally 30” long x 2” wide x ¼ “thick.
  • Half Oak Planters

    Half Oak Planters (2)

    Barrels Unlimited has been providing the garden and landscaping industry half oak planters since its inception. Not only do these half barrel planters provide a unique look to any garden or landscape, but they are recycled as well. These oak barrel planters can be vertical or horizontal cut.

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